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ENFUGEN - Enlarging fuel cells and hydrogen research co-operation

Main objective of the ENFUGEN Project is to maximize the participation of research centers and researchers from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, in FP6 thematic priority area "Sustainable Energy Systems" and specifically in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen energy. ENFUGEN will also provide a wider support on promoting research expertise from these countries, with specific emphasis on Romania and Bulgaria.

Project objectives:

  • Improving Co-operation and taking advantages of instruments offered by the FP6 such as NoE and IP
  • Promote research visibility at European level, creating necessary synergies with other RES domestic actors and national industry : exploiting network capabilities, plenary sessions, brokerage events, workshops
  • Improve entrepreneurial skills in research infrastructures : training activities, analyzing problems and barriers

The Polish, Czech and Slovak Partners will work in their respective countries on the expertise localization and mapping, establishing contacts with Universities, Centers of Excellence, research organizations, etc. Mapping will be also extended to Romania and Bulgaria. The next objective of the project will be to analyze the existing barriers and needs for research successful performance in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen energy in the targeted candidate countries.

A tangible output of the ENFUGEN project will consist also in the database of Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian and Romanian expertise in the targeted sector as a partners search utility. A roadmap, consisting in guidelines towards achieving a successful interaction among R&D and Industry clusters in the targeted Associated Candidate Countries, will be as well, delivered.


  • Labor S.r.I./I
  • Institute of Fundamental Technological Research - Polish Academy of Sciences/ PL
  • Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering/ CZ - Petr Kubín
  • BIC Bratislava, spol. s.r.o./ SK
  • Instytut Energetyki/ Pl
  • Energy Centre Bratislava/ SK
  • Enviros, s.r.o./ CZ
  • Technical Support for European Organisations/ B
  • Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata" - Dept. Physical and Energetic Sciences and Technologies/ I

Start: 1.4.2005
End: 31.3.2007

Co-ordinator: Labor S.r.l.

Contracting Authority: European Commission, DG Research

Visibility Catalogue:

Links to Events and other Informations:


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