Electrical Light

Professors: P. Žák, M. Bálský
Department: 13115

The aim of the course is to make students acquainted with most frequent applications of optical radiation, modern photometric and colorimetric devices used in practice, fundamentals of light control and design of dynamic lighting including new trends in light sources and luminaire progress

Class scheme:
1. Receivers of optical radiation. Devices for modern objective photometry and colorimetry.
2. Utilisation of optical radiation in practice.
3. Daylight and insolation.
4. Spatial characteristics of lighting. Characteristics of the light field.
5. Control of lighting systems. Dynamic lighting.
6. Properties and characteristics of modern light sources.
7. New trends in lighting systems.
8. Colorimetry
9. Calculation software for lighting design.
10. Design of lighting systems for offices, schools and hospitals.
11. Design of lighting systems for industry.
12. Design of lighting systems for sports.
13. Design of road lighting systems.
14. Test.

[1] See Attachements (below)
[2] SynthLight Handbook
Tips and tricks:
Secret life of electric light