History of the High Voltage Laboratory

The history of high voltage laboratory begins after World War II when the temporary laboratory was available for experimental tasks. The laboratory was placed in Husova Street in buildings of former germany engineering school. Present-day laboratory was built within the construction of new university buildings in the late sixties. Prof. Alois Hon and Prof. AntonĂ­n Veverka had merit in preparation of design and project documentation.

The main laboratory hall has proportion 24 m in length, 19 m in width and 12 m in height. The hall is shielded by aluminum plates (attenuation 63 - 70 dB for 100 kHz - 1.5 MHz). The shielding was designed for partial discharge measurements. Some devices were transported from the old laboratory in Husova street however the major part was new equipment. Over the years some test sources and measurement instruments were replaced by the new one. Nowadays, the laboratory is equipped with 200 kV DC test voltage sources , AC 600 kV voltage sources and 2 MV impulse voltage sources.