Mathematic Applications

BE5B15MAA Mathematic Applications Extent of Education: 0+4
Lecturers (garant): Kyncl J. Type of Subject: P End of Subject: Z, ZK
Responsible Department: 13115 Credits: 4 Semester: L


The aim of the course is to obtain knowledge about mathematic programs used in electrical engineering. Student will acquire basic knowledge about MATLAB, MATHEMATICA and mathematical model assessment.

Seminar notes (Th 14:30 – 17:45, posl. T2:C3-132):

Week Description Attachments
1. Introduction into Wolfram Mathematica: basic syntax, help, variables, complex numbers, basic plotting and graph manipulations
2. Principles of procedural, functional and pattern-oriented programming
3. Functions in Mathematica: Blank, Set, SetDelayed, Module
4. Functions in Mathematica: piecewise functions, overloaded functions, tracing the evaluation of functions
5. Creation and manipulation of Lists, functions and Lists: Table, Part, Map, Apply
6. Using Nest and NestList for numerical algorithms, Euler and Runge-Kutta method
7. Examples of advanced use of Mathematica
12. MATLAB Simulink
13. MATLAB Simulink

WM notebook from the seminars (info)

Grading System:

During the semester, there will be three tests (total max. 30 pts) from WM, without any minimal points restriction.

The exam will have two parts WM and Matlab (max. 40 points)

Students will be graded according to the ECTS Scale.


  1. Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica(info)
  2. Downloading of student version of Wolfram Mathematica a Matlab
  3. Stephen Wolfram: An elementary introduction to the Wolfram Language
  4. Wolfram Mathematica


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