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   Power Engineering 3

Professors: J. Habel, J. Kyncl
Department: 13115

The aim of the course is to become students acquainted with heat transfer laws, the design and use of resistive, dielectric, induction and arc electro-heat devices, thermal comfort of human being, heating of interiors and examples of particular problems of electro-heat devices design and calculations. The next part of the course acquaints students with basics of photometry, light measurement, light sources, luminaires and fundamentals of indoor and outdoor lighting.

Class scheme:
1. Thermal conduction, convection and radiation.
2. Examples of electric conduction heating.
3. Examples of indirect electric resistive heating.
4. Principles and examples of induction heating systems.
6. Arc furnaces, connection to the grid.
6. Arc furnaces, connection to the grid.
7. Symmetrization of general 3 phase appliances.
8. Optical radiation, visual ease, basics of photometry.
9. Light measurement.
10. Light sources and luminaires.
11. Fundamentals of lighting.
12. Indoor space lighting.
13. Outdoor space lighting.
14. Artificial lighting design procedure.

[1] See Attachements (below)
[2] Wolfram, Stephen: The MATHEMATICA® Book
[3] SynthLight Handbook


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