Je-li nehezká žena milována, pak je milována šíleně, protože je to způsobeno buď zvláštním sklonem milence, nebo půvabem skrytějším a neodolatelnějším, než jsou vnady krásy.
-- La Bruyere

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JSPWiki v2.4.104
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   Tomcat 5.5.26 (fhanik)

update.gif Use Eclipse JDT 3.3.1. (pero)
update.gif Use new commons download location. (markt)
update.gif Use commons-launcher 1.1. (markt)
update.gif Use commons-digester 1.8. (markt)
update.gif Use Xerces 2.9.1. (markt)
update.gif Remove usused commons-httpclient. (funkman)
update.gif Use commons-collections 3.2. (markt)
update.gif Use commons-fileupload 1.2. (markt)
update.gif Use MX4J 3.0.2. (markt)
update.gif Use JUnit 3.8.2. (markt)
update.gif Use NSIS 2.34. (markt)
update.gif Use Struts 1.2.9. (markt)
update.gif Use JAF 1.1.1. (markt)
update.gif Use JTA 1.1. (markt)
update.gif Use JavaMail 1.4.1. (markt)
update.gif Use PureTLS 0.9b5. (markt)
update.gif Use commons-pool 1.4. (markt)
fix.gif 43594: Use setenv from CATALINA_BASE (if set) in preference to the one in CATALINA_HOME. Patch provided by Shaddy Baddah. (markt)
fix.gif Fix CVE-2007-5342 by limiting permissions granted to JULI. (markt)


fix.gif 38131: WatchedResource doesn't work if app is outside host appbase webapps. Patch provided by Peter Lynch (pero)
fix.gif Set correct sessionCounter at StandardManager after reload sessions. (pero)
fix.gif Fix NPE situation at AccessLogValve (pero)
fix.gif 30949: Improve previous fix. Ensure requests are recycled on cross-context includes and forwards when an exception occurs in the target page. (markt)
fix.gif 43216: Set correct StandardSession#accessCount as system property STRICT_SERVLET_COMPLIANCE is true after application restart with SESSION.ser file. Patch provided by Takayuki Kaneko (pero)
add.gif Made session createTime accessible for all SessionManager via JMX (pero)
add.gif Support logging of all response header values at ExtendedAccessLogValve (ex. add x-O(Set-Cookie) to your pattern). (pero)
add.gif Support logging of current thread name at AccessLogValve (ex. add %I to your pattern). Usefull to compare access logging entry later with a stacktraces. (pero)
fix.gif o.a.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager handle more then one system property replacement at file (pero)
fix.gif 43236: Reset usingWriter and associated flags when response is reset. (markt)
fix.gif 43241: ServletContext.getResourceAsStream() not spec compliant. Patch provided by John Kew. (markt)
fix.gif 43675: Fix a possible logging related class loader leak. (markt)
fix.gif 43687: Remove conditional headers on Form Auth replay, since the UA (esp. FireFox) isn't expecting it. (billbarker)
fix.gif Fix bug in CGI Servlet that caused it to fail when a CGI resource was included in another resource. (markt)
fix.gif Cookie handling/parsing changes! The following behavior has been changed with regards to Tomcat's cookie handling:
a) Cookies containing control characters, except 0x09(HT), are rejected using an InvalidArgumentException.
b) If cookies are not quoted, they will be quoted if they contain tspecials(ver0) or tspecials2(ver1) characters.
c) Escape character '\\' is allowed and respected as a escape character, and will be unescaped during parsing.
fix.gif 43839: URL based session tracking fails when session cookie from parent context is present. Based on a patch by Yuan Qingyun. (markt)
fix.gif 43887: Include exception in the log message. (markt)
fix.gif 43914: Location headers must be encoded. Patch provided by Ivan Todoroski. (markt)
fix.gif 43957: Service.bat didn't configure logging correctly. Patch provided by Richard Fearn. (markt)
fix.gif 44041: Fix duplicate class definition error under load. (markt)
fix.gif 44084: JASSRealm is broken for application provided Principals. Patch provided by Noah Levitt. (markt)


fix.gif 43702: Reduce length of unnecessarily long class names for the inner helper class when using simple tags. (markt)
fix.gif 43757: Rather than use string matching to work out the line in the JSP with the error, use the SMAP info and the knowledge that for a scriptlet there is a one to one line mapping. (markt)

fix.gif Fix FarmWarDeployer can be only configured at host subelement (pero)
fix.gif Fix wrong && at ReplicationValve (pero)
fix.gif DeltaManager sessionCounter must be also increment at relicated sessions. (pero)
add.gif Made attribute createTime accessible for all DataSenders. (pero)

fix.gif Fix CVE-2007-5461, an important information disclosure vulnerability in the WebDAV Servlet. (markt)
fix.gif 43611: Provide an error message when trying to upload a WAR for a context that has been defined in server.xml. (markt)
fix.gif 44094: Add note to docs about side-effects of setting privileged on a context. (markt)

fix.gif 43479: Fix memory leak cleaning up sendfile connections. (markt)
fix.gif 43622: Don't always overwrite min compression size with default. (markt)
fix.gif 43995: No timeout for sendfile (TODO item had been forgotten). (markt)


add.gif Info on add.gif 1037 bytes
fix.gif Info on fix.gif 345 bytes
update.gif Info on update.gif 627 bytes
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