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   Electrical Heat

Professors:J. Kyncl
Department: 13115

The aim is to gain knowledge of heat transfer, physical similarity theory, mathematical models frequently used components of energy systems (heat exchangers, heat pumps, thermal storage tanks, air treatment equipment). Are discussed mathematical models of induction and arc of electro-thermal equipment.

Class scheme:
1. Heat transfer: Fourier law, heat equation
2. Physical similarity theory, Fourier and Nusselt number
3. Convective heat transfer coefficient at free, forces and transient convection
4. Heat exchangers: equations, types, use
5. Heat pumps: equations, types, use
6. Mathematical models of thermal storage tanks, solar collectors, fluid mixing
7. Humid air thermodynamic principles, Mollier enthalpy diagram
8. Induction heating of materials: circuit access
9. Induction heating of materials: alemag. field access
10. FEM for thermal and elmag. Field, boundary and initial conditions
11. Arc furnaces: types, construction, connection to the grid
12. Arc models and its influence on the grid, higher harmonic frequencies and flicker compensation
13. Supplementary systems for induction heating devices (sources, cooling systems)
14. Reserve

[1] See Attachements (below)
[2] Wolfram, Stephen: The MATHEMATICA® Book
[3] SynthLight Handbook
Heat seminars:

Tips and tricks:
Secret life of electric light - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ES9TKAf_4\\


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